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ToneTek introduces the Heavy Metal. This new, innovative, multifunctional, guitar-playing device is for picking, tapping, pick hand sliding, fret board extending, sweeping, synthesizer and Theremin type sounds and numerous other forms of creative musical wizardry. With its patented design the Heavy Metal delivers loud sustaining tone and provides a means for creating tasty licks and tricks at warp speeds.

The Heavy Metal is manufactured, machined, and polished into a precision tool for awesome tone, technique, articulation and rippin’ speed.

The mass and density of Heavy Metal increases your string volume and sustain, and fattens tone using natural laws of physics, namely impulse-- the initial energy transferred to the string is much greater, The Heavy Metal is capable of delivering greater impulse because it contains more kinetic energy than any conventional pick- there is nothing else like the Heavy Metal). The plectrum edge is designed to glide across the top of the strings and helps prevents the pick tip from dipping too far down below the string. The Heavy Metal is a vehicle for the guitarist to explore new musical horizons and create soundscapes without the boundaries of the conventional guitar pick. It is not just a pick; the Heavy Metal is a guitar-playing device with an attitude.

Hear what the Heavy Metal can do:


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